As a Schneider Electric BMS Partner since 2010, Netplus provides Building Management System Solutions with Schneider-Electric brands TAC and Merten and delivers lighting, air conditioning and energy automations which return to our customers as energy savings and comfort.

Save up to 30 percent

With pre-defined scenarios, seperate heating and lighting levels can be set for different places in the building. Additionally, with the aid of motion and environment sensors, energy consumption is automatically reduced to minimum when a room is not in use.

Smart Buildings with KNX

As it is possible to maintain the building's heating, ventilating, air conditioning, fire and smoke alarm and surveillance controls with one central control panel, it is also possible to reach the Building Management System from anywhere in the world via internet and remotely control the building.

Measurable Gain

Auto-generated system reports will help finding average energy consumption rates and provide reduction in energy costs.